MannaWorks is a construction ministry led by experienced builders.

We created it in response to repeated requests for help from non-profit leaders who are burdened by the costs and complexity of managing their buildings’ upkeep. We’ve learned their limited budgets typically don’t even cover the expenses related to their primary mission. When their facilities need repair or improvement they must choose between the growing needs of their constituents versus the repair and maintenance of their buildings. Maintenance projects and needed improvements get postponed in favor of responding to the immediate requirements of their constituents. Eventually the affected building itself can be put at risk of failure.

MannaWorks’ goals include two cooperative tracks to address the issues faced by those non-profit organizations and their constituents. We offer project management oversight for building maintenance and repair with strong emphasis on cost reduction. To complement that effort we have our Works program.

With our skills and experience gained from years in the commercial and custom home building industry we can help our clients from the bid letting stage through to project completion. With our heart to serve we pour our lives into a select few men who are chronically unemployed or even homeless to provide them with an opportunity to rebuild their lives.

We are a donor supported ministry and would be grateful for your support. MannaWorks saves approximately 30 non-profit organizations an average of 54% off of the original estimated construction and repair costs.